Place to retire in Thailand

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1. Reliable Infrastructure and Low Cost of Living

Thailand has a low cost of living in relation to the solid infrastructure and high quality of life on offer. Living on an island, for instance, is quite an affordable luxury as it is easy to reach many of the hotspots by air. The Thai Government has been investing heavily in upgrading airports, such as Koh Samui International Airport and even marinas for super yachts. You can maximize your money by splurging on an excellent meal or an exciting new experience any time you wish. Transportation is extremely cheap, and it even makes sense to rent/buy a car if you deem it necessary as the highway system is fairly comprehensive and generally sturdily constructed and vigilantly maintained.

Also, remember to consider how much your estimated rental income will be and compare it to how much you’re paying for the property; your investment must have a good yield after taking this into account.

2. Incredible food

Thai food is delicious and satisfying with a huge variety of tastes and flavors to keep you engaged for a long time. Thailand has a remarkably high standard for food especially when it comes to taste and fulfilment, the Thais take their food very seriously. Only recently, Bangkok got its own Michelin Guide because some restaurants in the city are just that good. The rest of Thailand is catching up with high-end restaurants opening up across the country, as chefs and restaurateurs are betting on the rising community of wealthy locals, expats and retirees that are bringing plenty of development to other destinations. If you want some variety in your life, don’t worry! There is a remarkable variety of food available across the country with American, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Japanese cuisine represented in many places.

3. Tropical weather and natural beauty

It is warm and sunny through much of the year with monsoon rains passing through during certain periods. The bounty of islands in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand adds that beautiful exotic touch to an already beautiful country. Imagine getting up to the view of coconut trees, white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. This is what paradise should look like. If you prefer the stillness and soul of mountains, Northern Thailand is your best bet. The verdant green hills and mountains stay that way through most of the year and walks through the jungle will reinvigorate even the most tired soul.

5. Cosmopolitan Community

You might have retired from work, but you haven’t retired from an active social life! So many people from around the world have chosen to live and retire in Thailand which has greatly increased the number of foreigners in the country. This has added a cosmopolitan and genial vibe to the country and its laid back people. There are always activities such as cooking classes, parties, dances, hikes, social clubs and so much more to take part in. All these factors and so much more are reasons enough to enjoy a long and happy retirement in Thailand.

4. Availability of Retirement Visas

Obtaining a Thai Retirement Visa is not a difficult task, especially if you are part of the international elite. You must be over 50 years old with more than 65,000 THB of income per month and you will be eligible to retire in Thailand. The process is straightforward and once you have found that Thailand is really the place for you to settle down, then leasing property becomes an easy option. If you choose the beauty of Koh Samui as your retirement destination, consider leasing a luxurious property from KASA (no one knows Koh Samui like we do.)