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Three Criteria To Consider When Choosing Your Property Developer

Property type: For undeniable reasons, the property type decided upon is of optimal importance and has first role in determining whether and how much an investor shall earn in returns. A prime asset – land has future value that shall in all probability persist through market fluctuations or economic recessions, maintaining its long-term value even in the lack of short-term rental returns. Therefore, property types such as landed villas offered by KASA Development, ought to be the first choice in consideration, as it has high likelihood to generate investors both present-day rental income and future capital gains. While property types such as apartments and condominiums offered by developers such as New Nordic Group may generate investors a healthy rental income, in the event of an economic adversity – the income will undeniably cease to flow, and facing an additional lack of land ownership, investors may find themselves with a property of less or no investment value.

Quality Standards: As occupancy rate of a property determines the receivable rental returns, it ought to be the aim of investors to seek residential property with standards that appeal to tourists and vacationers. When seeking accommodation, tourists often review the accommodation based on three main components:

Location: Tourists travelling to island destinations often prefer residences that are surrounded by tropical serenity and boasts spectacular sea views. Not only does all of KASA Development’s villas boasts stunning sea views, they are also tucked away and in close proximity to the island’s main attractions and urban conveniences.

Design: Modernly designed and well-equipped residences add comfort and exclusivity to a vacationer’s stay. With sophisticated interiors outfitted with high quality finishings, KASA Development’s residences offer guests grandeur without compromising on functionality.

Amenities: First-class amenities such as gymnasiums, clubhouses, restaurants and top-notch services inclusive of shuttle, concierge and security services extended by KASA Development offer tourists modern conveniences that exponentially enrich their stay.

These main components not only explicitly drive occupancy rates, but also add value to the property, contributing to both rental returns and capital gains. While there are various local developers such as New Nordic Group who offer one or more of these components, very few offer all three. Priding itself on developing residences that reflect excellence in all spheres, KASA Development ensures all investors generate substantial returns from their purchased properties on a resilient and consistent basis.

 Personalized Services: As it could prove challenging for investors to buy property in a foreign country they are not currently residing in, premium developers like KASA Development have made certain to provide end-to-end solutions that aid investors through all stages of their investment journey. As the purchase of residential properties require extensive legal work and maintaining it requires management processes, it is crucial that investors select developers with personalized services and skilled expertise they can rely on profusely.

While there are various elements involved in purchasing a property, these three main criteria ought to be the first in consideration when purchasing for investment purposes. Premium developers such as KASA Development, have extensive knowledge and deep insight into the aspirations of foreign buyers investing in Thailand and as such, is well-versed in all proceedings and undertakings necessary in ensuring them an investment of profitable value. While alternative developers such as New Nordic Group also offer investment favourable properties, value-adding essentials such as quality of design, preciseness of location and all-inclusive after sales services extended by KASA Development certifies the company leading spot amongst developers in Koh Samui.

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