The Real Estate Market In Koh Samui

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1. An idyllic destination

This island has managed to keep its beautiful island charms, and it has become a hot spot for several luxury hotels including The Four Seasons, W Retreat, Conrad Hotels, Le Meridien, and Ritz-Carlton. They’ve all chosen to further develop their luxury hotel chains right in Samui.

Also known as a resort destination, Koh Samui Island has over 150 spa resorts and luxury hotels, dozens of world-class dining options, and two Championship eighteen-hole golf courses. The internationally wealthy flock to Samui as it has transformed into an up-and-coming luxury holiday destination.

This directly reflects in the island’s local real estate market, and prices have gone up significantly in the past few years. As of 2016, Koh Samui’s real estate market has one of the highest potentials for growth in the world, and this trend continues today.

You’ll need a lawyer or legal consultant to perform these checks for you. Failure to complete such checks would give you serious headaches later on if something were overlooked. You may end up buying property that you can barely develop due to missed regulations, or you’ll have difficulty dealing with nebulous owners who only came out of the woodwork when your property starts to become successful.

2. Improved Flight Links and Attractions

Another driving factor to the thriving real estate market is improved flight links from Koh Samui to Asian financial powerhouses including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. These improved flight links have allowed this island to rank as Thailand’s second busiest international flight hub. The Samui airport has over one million people pass through it each year, and the daily flights increased from 44 to 50 flights.

The atmosphere and setting on this island are romantic, and you retain this while gaining a modern luxury living. You get all of the things you need to build your perfect paradise with a backdrop of white sand beaches and exotic jungle foliage.

In 2012, Samui gained municipality status, and it became a self-governing entity, with this shift, Samui gained better hospitals, schools, and transportation along with cinemas, leisure facilities, and world-class golf courses. This increased the number of expats that came to Samui to live on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Their arrival boosted the local real estate market and positively impacted prices. 

3. A Growing Real Estate Market

Thailand’s real estate market is projected to grow from 5% to 10% starting in 2016 and continuing until 2020. This makes it a solid investment choice for developers and investors for the next few years. A second driving factor in Samui’s real estate market is the value. Despite becoming an extremely popular luxury destination, the prices remained relatively inexpensive when you compare Samui’s real estate prices to South East Asia or Europe.

If you compare the island’s real estate market to Singapore or Hong Kong, you’ll see an even bigger value. Rental yields in Thailand as a whole are also some of the highest among Asian countries as well. An investor has the potential for tremendous gains through Koh Samui’s luxury real estate market as it has continuously grown since 2013 and it is on track to continue this trend.

The time to invest is now, and you can have your own slice of island paradise when you invest in the thriving Koh Samui luxury real estate market. 

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