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The Best of Koh Samui Investments

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Koh Samui, the beautiful Thai island has been on the global map as one of the world’s most popular destinations.  The island is a perfect place to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time with your loved ones. Besides tourism, there are also plenty of investment opportunities in Koh Samui. Foreigners who decide to make Koh Samui their second home and invest in Samui property can also get employment opportunities in the hospitality industry, the educations sector among other places.  Another factor that makes Koh Samui investment attractive is that houses for sale on the island are relatively affordable compared to other islands in Thailand, like Phuket for instance.”][vc_column_text]Koh Samui is a perfect combination of natural beauty and modern developments.  This makes it the best place to invest in Asia. The island also has an international airport, making it very accessible.  A greater part of the land in the area is protected by the government, which has helped maintain the natural beauty of Koh Samui. There are plenty of sandy beaches, mangrove forests and national parks. It is also one of the largest islands in Thailand, coming third after Koh Chang and Phuket. Since the 90s, Koh Samui has maintained to be one of the most visited destinations in Thailand.  It has plenty of recreation opportunities, and for those who plan to relocate to the island, there is also a wide range of hospitals, international schools where English is taught and shopping centers.

When it comes to resort investments, Samui is behind when compared to Phuket. This, however, has greatly contributed to success on the island’s tourism and investment industries. The island’s planning and environmental laws are quite stringent, which has reduced the effects of modern developments.  The island has therefore avoided the problems that come with over development, and its natural environment has remained preserved.

  • Finding the right investment property Currently, properties that are in high demand on the island are the ones located near the international airport. These types of properties usually target tourists who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on beachfront property, which are also on high demand amount tourists who can afford.  Rental Samui property prices also vary depending on the location, the property structure among other factors. Finding the best investment propertyThere are areas in Koh Samui that are always busy, which include Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut.  Such areas are usually popular for tourists to explore the island. Generally, all property locations in Samui have their own unique characteristics and they all can make great investment destinations.
  • Ownership structures Koh Samui has freehold properties like condominiums that foreigners can invest in.  If you want to the condominium to operate as a hotel, you first need to have a license to make the business legal.  What you need to know about condominiums in Koh Samui is that they are designed for long term stays. Foreigners who invest in property usually have a 30-year lease, which can also be extended.
  • Fees associated with the investment Some of the fees that you should expect when investing in Koh Samui property include maintenance fees, management fees (if there is someone managing the property on your behalf) and sinking fees.  The maintenance fees usually vary depending on the project, but the sinking fee is fixed and is used by the developer for renovation purposes.  If you use the property yourself, you will also have to pay for utilities.
  • Conclusion There are many things we can talk about investment property in Koh Samui and the above points are just a tip of the iceberg.  There are also many reasons why most foreigners decide to invest in Koh Samui real estate. But just like any other investment, there are always the benefits and drawbacks involved.  Koh Samui, however, has proven to have great potential when it comes to rental investment. Ensure that you make the right choices and hire a real estate agent or lawyer in the region who can guide you through the best property types, locations and laws regarding investment property

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