Can A Foreigner Own Land in Thailand?

While a deep extensive knowledge of the Thai legal system is unnecessary, a sufficient amount of information regarding owning land in Thailand will aid first time investors in making profitable decisions.


Foreign Property Investment In Thailand

The global quest for high returns through rental yield or capital appreciation, is hoarding in foreign investors from across the globe into Thailand’s already flourishing property market.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Thailand

Why Invest in Thailand?

If you’re interested in property investment, either with an eye for long-term growth or to generate a regular rental income, Thailand is an extremely profitable destination; with Koh Samui, in particular, continuing to show an increased demand for luxury holiday property.

Service management villas investisseurs


Nous savons que prendre soin de votre investissement est de grande importance, surtout pour les investisseurs non résidents. Après avoir terminé votre achat immobilier, KASA propose une gamme d’entretien supplémentaire et des services de gestion pour vous assurer une tranquillité d’esprit.