KASA gives high prominence to Thai Property Laws and ensures that all our client’s purchases are conducted in a thoroughly safe and secure manner. It is commonly known that Thai property laws are subject to frequent change and alternations, an issue that KASA handles with ease and professionalism.To make certain all legal obligations are met despite frequent change, KASA partnered with Juslaws & Consult: an international Legal Firm with highly qualified specialists who are knowledgeable in the ins and outs of Thai Property Law. Their team of experts are devoted to undertake all processes associated with the purchase of a property in Thailand. Armed with highly educated lawyers and English, French, German and Chinese speaking law consultants, the firm is able to provide clients with top-notch services. Extensive knowledge and skilled professionalism of their legal team guarantees clients an effortless, secure and unproblematic acquisition of KASA’s exclusive villas.

KASA prides itself in crafting exceptionally stunning and unmatched residences that our clients will hold in great prestige.We work alongside highly skilful and creative International architects who specialise in high-end residential architecture. Research driven visionary thinking and world-class building designs along with thoughtful attention to environments and surroundings gives KASA competitive advantage. Our architectural firm provides a wide range of services including research, design strategising, change management, space management, innovation consultancy and analytics services. Our specialists work on principles of innovation and craftsmanship and share our vision of crafting strikingly distinctive villas that blend stylish contemporary, western and traditional designs with the lush beauty of Koh Samui’s scenery.



KASA’s puts high emphasis on constructing exquisitely designed villas while maintaining the safety and security of the Construction Team. We partnered with a specialised Construction Firm that has a diverse workforce of experienced engineers, surveyors, builders and technicians who expertly deliver perfection in each step of the construction process. With a human resource policy that focuses on integration, engagement, training and safety, along with experts well-versed on current trends and technology, the construction firm and it’s staff work together to meet the needs of our clients. Professional expertise, product standards and deadlines, and a high regard for safety and security of the workforce are of paramount importance to our trusted Construction Firm.

As security and reliability of Online Payment systems are of utmost importance, KASA has collaborated with RationalFX – an Electronic International Transfer service, that offer money transfers through a safe and secured system. Registered in England, RationalFX is a highly regulated and proficiently managed company – undergone numerous Registration and regulatory frameworks from the Government of the United Kingdom and the European Union. Offering Bank Beating rates, low transfer costs and quick same-day transfer services make RationalFX an ideal partner in servicing our clients.

KASA works alongside all it’s partners to provide clients with top-notch services and assistance. We are completely customer focused and with the contribution of our partners, we are able to ensure that all our clients are provided with personalised services and the finest properties that uphold KASA’s reputation for excellence. 



Living the Dream

If you’re looking for an ideal, luxury space to spend quality time with your family and friends, no matter the size of your group you’ll find a KASA property that’s perfect for your needs. We offer furniture packages that enable you to customize your property, so that you always have the things you need the most in your home. Our maintenance and security team will look after your Koh Samui real estate while you are away because we understand how precious your investment is. No aspect of your property’s well-being is neglected by our comprehensive approach to managing real estate in Koh Samui.

An Investment in Paradise

With Thailand’s thriving travel and tourism sector growing sustainably for the long-term, there’s never been a better time to invest in the Koh Samui real estate market. Koh Samui is an internationally renowned holiday destination that attracts thousands of people each year from all corners of the world. Over the past five years, the Koh Samui real estate market, especially the luxury sector, has flourished due to an influx of affluent visitors. This island has managed to keep its beautiful charms intact, and it has become a hot spot for several luxury hotels including The Four Seasons, W Retreat, Conrad Hotels, Le Meridien, and Ritz-Carlton. They’ve all chosen to further develop their luxury hotel chains right in Samui. Also known as a resort destination, Koh Samui Island has over 150 spa resorts and luxury hotels, dozens of world-class dining options, and two Championship eighteen-hole golf courses. The internationally wealthy enjoy visiting Samui as it has transformed into an up-and-coming luxury holiday destination. All of this bodes well for real estate in Thailand overall.