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Why buying property in Koh Samui should be your top priority this year

Koh Samui, an island located in the Gulf Thailand is widely known for its impeccable beauty. The island has a good number of spectacular mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and the climate is also favorable. This makes it a perfect tourist destination for both family and individual vacations. For people from the western countries, living in Koh Samui will in no doubt give you that heaven on earth experience that you have always dreamt about. The successful tourism industry has played in role in attracting investors from Asia, Europe and even the US to the island. This article outlines the top reasons why Koh Samui should be your first priority, not only as a travel destination but also a place where you should invest in

The climate

The best parts of the year in Koh Samui experiences sunny weather conditions. In fact, wet weather is experienced in the island for only one month. This means that you can visit Koh Samui at any of the eleven months and still have a glimpse of the setting sun on the beaches. The climate has also led to the growth of evergreen vegetation, giving that ‘jungle experience’ to the island.


For every smart investor, their main aim is to invest in property at a location that is easily accessible. Well, Koh Samui is one of these places. The island is located at a convenient location where it is easy to access the mainland Thailand mainland, China and Vietnam; there is no bridge that connects Koh Samui to the mainland or even the neighboring islands. This has helped protect the island against exploitation, thus preserving its natural beauty.

The cost of living

Another good reason why you should buy property Koh Samui is the affordable cost of living. Fewer taxes are levied to property owners when compared to other investment destinations like the US or China. This, in turn, creates a healthy business environment where you can be guaranteed a positive return on investment when it comes to property rentals. Social amenities are also not left behind. Koh Samui is known to have the best schools, restaurants, hospitals and guess what; most of them are very affordable.

The culture

If you are one person who likes exploring different types of cultures, then making Koh Samui your home should be your top priority this year. The Samui culture requires locals to be polite and welcoming to visitors. It is actually rare for cases of insecurity to be reported on the island, and this makes it safe for people to travel and buy property Koh Samui without getting worried.


If you are a fun loving type of person, you obviously would want to own land at a place that offers plenty of entertainment activities. The island has a considerable number of resorts and spas, entertainment spots and other leisure activities that you can participate in. in short, there is always something for everyone in Koh Samui. If you do not want to have a good time at the entertainment joints, you can always visit the beaches or go boat sailing and explore the wonderful marine nature that Koh Samui offers. You can also visit national parks or do something more relaxing, like taking yoga classes.


With all the benefits that come with living in Koh Samui, purchasing property on the island is actually an investment worth making. The cost of living on the island is low, taxes are minimal and the environment is also welcoming. These are among the reasons why Koh Samui is the best holiday destination, and also a place where you can invest in real estate property.

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