Guaranteed Rent – A soft cushion in the tough world of investment

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The latest scheme that is taking the property market by storm is the guaranteed rent offered by real estate developers. While some investors are in awe, others are in doubt – left wondering if a rent guarantee scheme is essentially something they can benefit from or is it merely an arrangement that is just too good to be true?  

In actuality – It certainly is not. Premium real estate developers in Thailand have taken to offering guaranteed rent to foreign investors who seek a gainful, yet effortless investment. In this exceptional arrangement, an annual rental income of specific percentages is guaranteed to investors for a said period of time, usually commencing after the completion of a property’s construction.
Thailand is one of few countries setting off to offer opportunities for guaranteed rental investments. As the country is a highly dynamic investment market inviting a large number of foreign investors, premium developers strive to offer these investors a peace-of-mind investment in Thailand, where they may earn an annual passive income with no distress over the processes vital in generating the income.

Benefits of Guaranteed Rent in the property market of Thailand

1. “Security” conveyed in “Guarantee”

The optimal benefit of  guaranteed rent lies in the name itself – a consistent rental income that is guaranteed to investors, despite unforeseeable changes that could negatively affect market conditions – is a stellar reason to get aboard. Unforeseeable changes in market conditions are natural occurrences and as with every market, property market fluctuations are influenced by major factors such as supply and demand, tourist visitation statistics, occupancy rates and market competition. 
Although occupancy rates in Thailand maintain a steady high due to the steady stream of tourist visitations; by engaging in a guaranteed investment in Thailand, an investor may rest assured that if market conditions were to change in any measure from small declines of 5% to unlikely crashes of 50%, investors are nonetheless offered a guaranteed income, a soft cushion in the tough world of investment.

2. Trouble-Free Investment

As an investor’s main objective is to make sizeable returns, a guaranteed rent offered in continuation for a number of years, comes as a welcomed guest.

Premium developers offering the rent guarantee scheme undertake all rental obligations, from marketing services for acquiring a tenant, to maintenance services such as housekeeping and landscape upkeep; ensuring investors a profitable, yet effortless investment. This trouble-free arrangement is rather appealing to retired individuals who have capital, but no rolling income. Because profit values that measure up to guaranteed rent offered by developers are not achievable in a bank, there is no real downside to investing in a luxury real estate, especially one that will deposit rent into the investors’ bank accounts consistently for years. 

KASA Development’s Guaranteed Rent – A reliable offer from a trusted developer

While the benefits of a guaranteed rent are extensive, an investor will benefit most if he or she chooses to invest with a reliable real estate developer, well accomplished in meeting the terms of the agreement.

KASA Development, award-winning developer with experience of over 10 years in the real estate market, offers investors an outstanding Guaranteed Rent Program, specifically tailored to provide investors with a financially rewarding investment.

Offering an annual Guaranteed Rent of 6 –  7.8% for a period of 4 years, KASA Development guarantees  all investors financially benefit from their investments with us. Expert analysis and careful computation of property market conditions, sets the estimate for KASA’s Guaranteed Rent:

Rental Income
Property Price (eg)8,888,888 (THB)
Guaranteed Rent6%
Yearly Income533,333 (THB)
Quarterly Paid133,333 (THB)
Total Income (4 years)2,133,332 (THB)

Investors may emphatically trust KASA to maximise the 
guaranteed rent revenue for their property investment, as high-priority is placed on Dynamic Price Forecasting and Competitive Price Adjustment Strategies, effectively employed to increase revenue and occupancy.

Moreover, recognising that foreign investors may be concerned about property devaluation that may be a consequence of excessive tenancy, KASA offers valued added services and privileges along with the promise of a guaranteed rent.[/article_large_image_section][article_large_image_section]

The Guaranteed Rent program offered by KASA Development is tailored specifically for our clients and goes unparalleled by all local developers. By obtaining a KASA property as investment in Thailand, our clients may benefit from the unique program, offered exclusively by a small number of developers. KASA unreservedly devotes extensive time and effort in offering rewarding investment opportunities whose merits may be reaped for numerous years. 

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